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The Main Differences Between Buying a Mattress in Person and a Mattress in a Box Online

Sleeping is an integral part of human life. As such, many people invest in mattresses to get quality rest and live fuller lives. Lack of sleep can result in bad mental and physical health problems, including increased risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and shorter life span.

People have traditionally bought mattresses, box springs, and bed stands at physical store locations. With the recent advent of the Internet, people use the world wide web to buy products and services no matter the browser’s or the seller’s location.

There are several difference between buying a mattress in person by visiting a traditional furniture store and buying a mattress in a box online, detailed below.

Online stores provide for higher customizability

Businesses who sell a Mattress in a box online also manufacture them, eliminating middlemen from the equation. Because of selling products directly to consumers, customers can order them with varying levels of firmness, materials used to produce them, and other specifications. This is rarely possible at furniture stores because they sell mattresses that appeal to broad audiences, not customized for narrow, specific needs.

Shopping using the Internet is easier

When people shop for mattresses, they often visit several store locations to find a bed that most closely meets their preferences. Many areas do not have multiple places to buy furniture, encouraging prospective customers to visit stores in adjacent towns and metropolitan areas. Simply looking for a mattress is a job in itself. Browse the Internet to find a manufacturer with a mattress in a box ready to ship to your home.

Many choices and lower prices are available online

An inherent part of business is organizations trying to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses. Physical furniture stores generally have few competitors nearby — even in metropolitan areas, there aren’t as many competitors as there are online. Because online retailers ship all over the world, they have to edge out other businesses to gain a competitive advantage. As such, the consumer who buys a mattress in a box is rewarded with a wide variety of mattresses at low prices.

Final verdict

Consumers can find a mattress in a box delivered to their front door many places on the Internet. Anybody with internet access and a credit card is better off purchasing a mattress in a box from an online retailer. Interested but skeptical customers can even receive a free trial of a mattress in a box for several nights to try it out before you buy.

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